4548 Bissonnet St., Suite 210

Bellaire, Texas 77401

April 30 & May 1, 2021.   (group 1)

Oct 1 & 2, 2021.                  (group 2)

  • Overview of medical history and the need for sedation on the implant patients. 

  • Anatomical and Esthetic factors on the posterior maxillary implant placement.

  • Extraction considerations; delay vs immediate implant placement on the posterior maxilla.

  • Treatment planning of the posterior maxilla (how short an implant can be before deciding on sinus elevation).

  • Overview of Sinus Elevation Techniques.  Understanding the sinus cavity.            Limitations on implant placement prior to a sinus elevation.

  • Abutment selection and digital design of prosthetic components. 

  • Clinical and radiographic factors on the edentulous patient.

  • Prosthetic considerations on overdenture. 3D spacing on overdenture, abutment selection and laboratory steps for a proper Overdenture fabrication.

  • All on X; pros and cons.

  • Hands-on demonstration on the edentulous arch

  • Hands-on demonstration of posterior maxilla implant placement

  • Live demonstration on posterior maxilla.

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