DSDApp Day

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What you'll learn

With the recent evolution of digital dental technologies and changing patients expectation we acquire new techniques and tool for more efficient communication with the patients and the team members/lab. 

This one-day workshop you will learn and practice the DSD photo/video protocol, Principles of Smile Design and how to create a natural-looking Smile Simulation, techniques for efficient patients’ communication and how to present a before/after simulation to the patients.

Registration Cost: $495
Course Details:
Live Interactive Training
4 Lectures
Coffee Breaks, Breakfast, and Lunch
8 Continuing Education Credits



Ralph Georg

Ralph Georg is a serial entrepreneur, CEO and the co-founder of DSDApp. He is the creator of the technology of the DSDApp, integrating all visions and concepts of modern dentistry developed by Dr. Christian Coachman and the DSD team.

Advanced Facially-Driven Smile Design

Case Presentation and Teamwork

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What our students have to say

Dr. Mustafa Al-Karagholi

"This Course gave me very good impression and a lot of insights of how I can utilize DSDApp to create the smile my patient is looking for."

DSDApp Day
Dr. Kyle Stanley

"The DSDApp allows me to do a smile design in 5 minutes, show the patient, super easy!"​

DSDApp Day

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