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 Dynamic navigation technology is the only modality of guidance that allows for real time verification and valuation of positional accuracy. The Institute of Houston Dental Synergy is proud to host Dr. George A. Mandelaris, along with iHDS faculty member Dr. E. Todd Scheyer, for this hands-on course inclusive of live surgical observation. Take the next step forward in your implant practice and spend the day with us. Learn how navigation technology is the future of prosthetically directed implant therapy. 

You will learn the clinical protocols for surgical navigation. Case reports will be demonstrated. You will have the opportunity to perfect skills in a hands-on setting. Live surgeries will be performed using dynamic surgical navigation. 

Learning Objectives: 

• Understand the dynamic navigation workflow from diagnosis to surgery 

• Experience live surgery with surgical navigation technology 

• Learn how to differentiate yourself through the technology and better serve your patients 


Dynamic Navigation / Live Patient