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The Institute of Houston Dental Synergy is proud to host Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Weddle. In 2017, the ADA adopted a policy statement outlining the dentist’s role in treating Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) in adults and children.

This presentation will provide a basic introduction to sleep related breathing disorders and how they impact the treatment dentists provide to their patients on a daily basis. It will also present the different tools that dentists could utilize in their practice in order to screen for airway issues in their adult patient population. By the end of this presentation, dentists will:

  • ▪  Become familiar with the role of dentists in treating SRBD as outlined in 2017 by the ADA

  • ▪  Recognize the medical and dental signs and symptoms of SRBD in adults

  • ▪  Recognize the medical comorbidities of SRBD in adults

  • ▪  Recognize the impact of SRBD in the dental prognosis

  • ▪  Become familiar with the different screening methods for SRBD in adults and be able to incorporate screening in their practices if they choose to do so

The Dentist's New Role in Airway Management